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TRAIN OF 1000 - MAY 2015


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We’re happy to announce no. 121 of our journal Testimony Between History and Memory . The dossier is centred at Extreme violence on stage


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Extreme violence shows itself. It bursts through the screens. It surfs from one style and medium to another: news reports, documentaries, fiction, arts of all kinds. Yet theatre distinguishes itself from this mêlée all while constantly returning to the subject. Differently. Linked from its origins to the representation of cruelty and having “miraculously” escaped the often sterile polemics on the interdiction (or not)... of representing the Holocaust, it is still with the same youthfulness that theatre deals with extreme violence today, relentlessly pursuing the articulation of ethics and aesthetics.


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Domicile of the Auschwitz Foundation
Domicile of the Auschwitz Foundation

The Auschwitz Foundation was founded in 1980 by the Belgian Association of former political prisoners in Auschwitz-Birkenau and Silesian Camps and Prisons, its main aim being to study the history and remembrance of Holocaust and Nazi terror, awareness of them, the transmission of their memory and the preservation of archives concerning them. To achieve its goals, the Foundation set up a non-profit-making Study and Documentation Center, Remembrance of Auschwitz. The two institutions work together to promote scientific research and multidisciplinary publications with a view to broadening understanding of the historical processes which led to the coming to power of the Third Reich and to Holocaust and Nazi terror, while also developing teaching projects intended for the various education sectors in particular, and for society in general.


On April 1, 2010 the Foundation became a Resource Center under the terms of the "Memory" Decree.


Both Institutions possess important archival materials, a well-stocked library, and a vast range of audiovisual documentation which is available to the public, particularly to researchers, teachers, students and the young in general.


They carry out their work and projects in a framework which is resolutely multidisciplinary, encompassing all mass crimes and crimes committed in the past or in contemporary history.



Frediano Sessi, La Fondation Auschwitz di Bruxelles, un centro di ricerca e di trasmissione della memoria in Europa (pdf)



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We thank them warmly.
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